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I'm a member of the party Medborgerlig Samlig - working for a more liberal Sweden

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Saturday 15 December - 2012 9:59 Martin:
The TrängselSkatt - Stockholm is a nice app dude but we need you to program one for Goteborg, if you can do that you will make A LOT OF people very very happy! But huge thx for the Stockholm one nice job mate.

Saturday 15 December - 2012 9:57 Martin:
TrängselSkatt - Stockholm

Friday 4 November - 2011 9:47 Staffan Wikell:
Men vad är lösenordet Jakob?

Thursday 18 August - 2011 14:10 Charlie:
Hello, I am here to support you!

Tuesday 12 September - 2006 15:20 Gögge:
Tjo! Tänkte bara skriva lite så du vet att jag varit inne... Saknar börje som fan nu, var en bra server!